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About Us


Bruno J. Lambourg, M.D

Originally from Fleurance, France where he was the medical director of Research National Laboratory. In United States became Director of Education for HNS- author of the first HNS ® NCLEX prep bilingual text English-Spanish (2004). Responsible for the Development of the educational Prep course for Hispanic Nurse Solutions in Boynton Beach, FL where he resides with his wife and son. Medical Director for Helix Biomedics, LLC

Sylvia Lambourg, M.B.A.D. ed

Co-founder of the nationally known prep program to prepare foreign-nationals for their R.N. nursing license in the United States, also co-author of the NCLEX Prep bilingual English-Spanish text (2004); she has a long successful career experience in securities. Presently Director of Contracting & Marketing for Helix Biomedics, LLC.

Lucy N. Castillo, Ph.D.

An executive with a long & successful career within the medical field, Business Developer for HNS ®. Founder of the program MD to RN that prepares foreign physicians to become R.N.’s in collaboration with University of The Sacred Heart in Puerto Rico. National spokesperson for HNS. Published author, presently CFO for Helix Biomedics, LLC